Industrial Metrology and Others

Contributing in diverse areas of society through our various businesses

Nikon offers an extensive and varied lineup of measuring and inspection systems to meet the wide-ranging demands of industry, fully supporting cutting-edge manufacturing processes. We are also contributing to the evolution of science technology, industry and society, as well as people's lives, via diversified businesses that range from the development of the latest technologies for space exploration, to the manufacture of more familiar products, such as ophthalmic lenses.

Industrial Metrology Business

Achieving highly precise and reliable manufacturing

High-level manufacturing requires fast and accurate measuring techniques.
Nikon offers a diverse lineup of measuring and inspection systems to meet measurement demands for various sizes, shapes and materials.
With total measurement solutions, Nikon fully supports the cutting-edge manufacturing processes.

Examples of measurement and inspection systems (supporting aircraft/automotive manufacturing processes)

Inspection of turbine blades and other castings

X-ray/CT inspection systems inspect the complex inner structures of products and detect any defects within them, all without disassembling the product.
The XT H 450 system, developed with the world's first 450kV microfocus X-ray source, can be utilized to ensure effective evaluation of small- to medium-sized metal castings, such as turbine blades of aircraft and automotive engines.

X-ray/CT Inspection System

Measurement of various parts

A vehicle is composed of approximately 30,000 parts while a medium- to large-sized aircraft consists of approximately 3 million. The MCAx+ series is suitable for profile measurement of components that vary in sizes and materials, such as machined, pressed and plastic parts. This portable, easy-to-use, 7-axis measuring arm greatly improves productivity both on the shop floor and in the field.

3D Manual Coordinate Measuring Arm

Body measurement

Laser Radar is a non-contact, large-volume inspection system that enables automated inspection of subjects up to 50m away. Nikon's unique technology realizes measurement of samples with various surface materials, textures, and reflectivity. In automotive manufacturing, Laser Radar is used for car body and component inspection, realizing instant feedback to the production process.

Non-Contact Large-Volume Inspection System

Measurement of electronic components

A variety of electronic devices are installed in aircraft and vehicles. Electronic parts can be measured with the CNC Video Measuring System NEXIV VMZ-R series that achieve noncontact, high-precision, and automatic measurement based on images captured by the CCD camera.
Realizing quick, precise and automatic measurement of large volumes, Nikon's systems provide strong support for mass manufacturing, helping to maintain high quality for injection molds, mechanical parts, IC chips, and electronic components.

CNC Video Measuring System

Other industrial metrology product

Autofocus Total Station Nivo-Z

Total stations are surveying instruments used to measure distance and angle. The advanced autofocus function speeds up survey job and reduces fatigue in aiming work. Compact and lightweight, the Nivo-Z is especially effective in dangerous places such as steep slopes and high-rise construction sites.

Customized Products Business

State-of-the-art technologies for space

Nikon's Customized Products Business capitalizes on the company's state-of-the-art technologies to meet unique, advanced needs. Nikon handles everything from design to manufacture, providing optical parts and products which require ultra-high precision such as those for the Venus Climate Orbiter AKATSUKI and the observation systems for the Subaru large-scale optical-infrared telescope. We utilize our core technologies to the utmost to turn customers' demands into reality.

Optical systems for Akatsuki

Nikon designed and manufactured the IR1 and IR2 infrared cameras, ultraviolet imager (UVI) and lightning and airglow camera (LAC).

Precision Components & Modules Business

From design to mass production of optics and precision components

A wide range of one-stop solutions covering every stage from design and prototyping to integration and mass production of components or modules for light sources, illumination systems, projection lenses and precision components. Nikon provides solutions that effectively meet a diverse range of market and customer needs by utilizing its core "opto-electronics" and "precision" technologies.

Glass Business

Integrated production of photomask substrates for FPD

Nikon manufactures FPD photomask substrates, which are the original patterns for electronic circuits employed in products such as LCDs, in an integrated production system that covers every step from materials to applying final processing.

Photomask substrates for FPD

Nikon uses highly transparent, highly pure materials that have superior internal qualities, such as no bubbles or inclusions. Then we produce large FPD photomask substrates as large as 2,000 mm square by utilizing precision polishing, cleaning and measurement technologies.

Encoders Business

Contributing to advances in robotic technology

Nikon's encoders are used as sensors in the joints of industrial robots and machine tools to measure the rotation amount or rotation angle. We support increased sophistication, automation and energy efficiency in a variety of industrial equipment fields by harnessing all kinds of innovations — from our unique optical and ultra-high-precision technologies to electronics, high-density packaging and accurate pattern-forming technologies — thus contributing greatly to the future development of industry.

MAR-M50A Multi-Turn Absolute Encoder

Using a reflective optical system, the MAR-M50A achieves a height of only 12.74 mm. It is suitable for use in small AC servomotors for industrial robots and service robots.

Ophthalmic Lenses Business

Optical technologies for comfortable vision

Nikon has been researching optics and ophthalmic lenses for more than half a century, and has developed innovative products by utilizing cutting-edge technologies. Our 3D custom-made single-vision lens SEEMAX offers optimally designed lenses according to the selected frame for each individual customer.
Nikon-Essilor Co., Ltd. (a joint venture with Essilor International) is in charge of our ophthalmic lenses business.

SEEMAX series

A series of lenses utilizing shape and fitting parameter optimization to deliver maximum performance.